PaBaMeTo, Gitarre, Klarinette, spielen, Instrumente im Hintergrund

„Delightful marvellous folktone
by extraordonary virtuoso treated instruments
with two glamorous charming young gentlemen“


When they play music together, the Northern German twin brothers Pay Bandik Nonn (double bass, guitar and others) and Melf Torge Nonn (clarinet, flute and others) become the duo Pabemeto. 
Inspired not least by their common passion for Scandinavian folk music and klezmersounds, they have developed an own stylistic diversity for their instrumentation. Nordic as well as Oriental sounds unfold to a fascinating interplay in dreamy melodies and distinktive grooves. In their concerts, the two brothers use to tell eloquently true as well as rather bizarre stories about the pieces they play. 
In 2011 they began playing together as a duo and composing their own songs. Their debut album "Geschichten aus einem Ei" ("stories from an egg") was released in 2015. 
In the past years the two played a growing number of concerts in Northern Germany, in 2018 it became more international. Pabameto played among others at the folkBaltica Festival in Germany/Denmark and at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland. Many more things are planned, currently they are producing their second CD „Two Sisters“ which will be released in the course of 2020. 

PaBaMeTo, Kontrabass, Kamerablick, Betonwände, Interessiert

What we offer:

Large and small concerts
musical interludes at events & celebrations
folkdance and folk music workshops
education concerts / music education
order composition / arrangements
event moderation
background music 

about us:

We are 25-years old twin brothers from Northern Germany, once grown up in the same egg. 
It really was a great age, this very first time together, the time in our little egg. Jointly we made lots of rubbish and fun and we always had each other for playing around.
But in the later evenings, we often got pensive and thoughtful, imagining how the big wide world outside our little home might look like and how all the people would probably live like. In that case we thought out lots of stories, visions and fairy tales and because we couldn't speak yet, music was the only way to phrase our mind.
Today when we play music together, we like to tell some of these stories, originated in our earliest days. With our music we'd like to touch your hearts and bring your mind into a delightful space between beautiful landscapes and exuberant fantasy.


Geschichten aus einem Ei  (2015)
Two sisters  (2021, coming soon)

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for organizers:

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PaBaMeTo, Flensburg Hafen, nah, Panorama, Zeigen, Blickrichtung

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